May 6, 2012

Are phthalates in hoses a problem for laminitic horses?

The “Los Angeles Times” released a report May 4, 2012, titled, “Garden hoses often contain phthalates and lead, study says.” It includes a lot of information worth discussing in the horse world because many people give their horses water through garden hoses that sit out in the sun, which apparently leads to more phthalates contaminating […]

April 14, 2012

Is there a link between mares coming into season and laminitis?

I’ve had a few interesting conversations by email and phone with a fellow owner of laminitic horses. This horse owner noticed that her mare’s laminitis bouts seem tied to the horse coming in season.

March 31, 2012

Could estrogen exposure play a role in laminitis?

Anytime I see what appears to be evidence of environmental factors wreaking havoc on the body, I feel compelled to open the story, because I am convinced environmental factors led to my horses becoming insulin resistant and laminitic.

January 16, 2012

Are geldings less likely to develop laminitis, insulin resistance?

In my research on the history of laminitis, it was hard to overlook the recommendation in the fifth century by writer Publius Vegetius Renatus that a horse with hoof problems related to overfeeding barley — presumably laminitis — should be castrated. Scientific research appears inconclusive on gender’s role in laminitis. A study published in The […]

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Check hay, feed for high iron levels when treating laminitis in horses

Your horse’s diet may be full of excess iron, which studies have linked to insulin resistance.

Is laminitis linked to rising temperatures?

Researchers from The Netherlands have published a study tying human diabetes to increased outdoor temperatures.

Filtering water stops laminitis in horses; water tests indicated iron level was safe

Both geldings have seen huge improvement in their feet, even though they are eating grass around the clock.

Iron overload likely caused my horses’ laminitis

In “Clue” like fashion, I’m declaring the cause of my six horses’ laminitis over the last 18 years as an excess intake of iron from weeds, trace mineral blocks and well water, leading to insulin resistance and the insulin form of laminitis.