January 8, 2012

History of laminitis may date to ancient Greece and beyond

Research by a Maryland farrier found a seeming understanding of laminitis dating to the Hittite empire from the 17th to 12th century B.C.

December 26, 2011

A look at Kentucky Derby winners that have developed laminitis

On Dec. 13, 2011, Strike the Gold was the latest Kentucky Derby winner reported to have developed laminitis. He joins an unfortunate club of elite thoroughbreds to suffer from laminitis or founder.

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Check hay, feed for high iron levels when treating laminitis in horses

Your horse’s diet may be full of excess iron, which studies have linked to insulin resistance.

Is laminitis linked to rising temperatures?

Researchers from The Netherlands have published a study tying human diabetes to increased outdoor temperatures.

Filtering water stops laminitis in horses; water tests indicated iron level was safe

Both geldings have seen huge improvement in their feet, even though they are eating grass around the clock.

Iron overload likely caused my horses’ laminitis

In “Clue” like fashion, I’m declaring the cause of my six horses’ laminitis over the last 18 years as an excess intake of iron from weeds, trace mineral blocks and well water, leading to insulin resistance and the insulin form of laminitis.